State-of-the-Art Modeling Technology of Hydrosims

During the previous decade, an effort to improve design and
operational practices has been implemented by Hydrosims to
develop and apply a CFD-based process/clarifier model in
more than 40 projects for process/clarifier retrofit,
troubleshooting and design evaluations worldwide that
includes the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia,
Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa,
Hong Kong and China.

The many successful modeling projects jointly with the field
data before and after the recommended clarifier/process retrofit
not only illustrates a state-of-the-art technology for process
design optimization but also introduces several innovative
clarifier retrofit alternatives, which could be directly used by
design engineers to substantially enhance the performance of
clarifiers while obtaining the best cost-effectiveness.

For example, an innovative
Multilayer Energy Dissipating Inlet
Column (MEDIC) was developed by Hydrosims at the Western
WWTP in Melbourne, Australia. The new Energy Dissipating
Inlet was verified by both model predictions and field
observations as a very effective solution to the problem of
strong centre influent jets that often occurred in a centre feed
clarifier. The significantly reduced clarifier influent intensity and
turbulence due to the MEDIC substantially delays the
occurrence of dispersed sludge blanket, which is the most
direct reason for clarifier operation failure.

Hydrosims has been a forefront leader in water and
environmental modeling since the initiation of the associated
technology development and application fields. The CFD-based
Mass Fully Conservative Clarifier Model (MFCCM) developed by
Hydrosims in the early 90s overcomes mass non-conservation,
while maintaining the density impact.
Technical Value to the Profession

The state-of-the-art technology and the innovative design
alternatives can help the professional team to achieve following
goals with the most economic value:

  1. The previous projects with prototype data before and after
    minor clarifier retrofit indicate that an optimized clarifier
    may provide more than 30% higher capacity. The effective
    control of turbulence within clarifiers is able to lower the
    final effluent suspended solids (SS) more than 100%
    during the plant peak flow period.
  2. The better clarifier effluent quality not only directly improves
    the final effluent quality but also reduces the solids loading
    conditions for UV disinfection tanks or trickling filters in a
    process with downstream polishing devices and as a
    result, reduces the size and construction cost.
  3. A higher clarifier capacity not only provides higher clarifier
    capacity (or better effluent quality) but also allows higher
    process capacity by using a longer sludge retention time
  4. The higher clarifier and process capacity provides either
    more treatment flow (less bypass flow) or more stable
    process operations, which may not be obtained in a
    process approaching its capacity limit, especially during
Meeting and Exceeding Client’s Needs

In each of our projects the new technology always makes our
work to exceed client’s expectations. The field data before and
after the process retrofit illustrates our team ability to
consistently provide clients solutions that are feasible and cost-
Hydrosims provides technologies, services and tools for the design
optimization in sewerage treatment process and collections. Hydrosims
develops and provides computer modeling software and services worldwide:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based Clarifier and Process
    Model for wastewater treatment (SettlerSIMs)
  • CFD based Dissolved Air Flotation Tank Model
  • Unsteady Sewer Network Hydraulics Model (SewerSIMs)
  • CSO Control Model for optimized operations of sewer collection
  • Rainfall Forecasting Model based on the Neural Network theory
  • CFD based River Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model
The state of the art clarifier
product of Hydrosims
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